Northwest Ohio

It's hard to believe that at one time, much of Northwestern Ohio was covered in what was called the 'Black Swamp'. Now, fertile farmlands sweep across this region of Ohio mixed in with small, quiet towns and  suburban neighborhoods.

The craggy shorelines of Lake Erie grace the northernmost section of the state. Working inland, the land is flat with a mixture of cropland and newly built subdivisions.

Rivers like the Maumee run through Ohio here. Remnants of the canal days dot the landscape as often as the huge lakes like Grand Lake St. Mary's that once fed them. And the city of Toledo sits daintily on the lake edge.

This is the part of Ohio once cleared for farming and still holding dearly to this tradition. Fun things to do include going to a Toledo Storms Hockey game, letting the kids go wild at COSI and taking a boat ride on the lake

Northwest Ohio Parks

Delaware State Park

Maumee Bay State Park

Grand Lake St. Mary's State Park

Crane Creek State Park